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Oui Love Fashion

Style knows no age, but it does favor a certain language. "Oui Love Fashion" will teach your little one the names of fashion items in French and English. Each page features style-related images with the French phrase above and its English equivalent below. These items include clothes, accessories, and personal care products. Perfect for children up to age 3.

A note on usage: Many articles of clothing have multiple synonyms. In "Oui Love Fashion", translations favor words that are used more often today, even if they may be regarded as "bad French" by some. For instance, the English "sweater" is translated in this volume as "le pull", an abbreviation of "pull-over". "Le pull" is more familiar than the alternatives of French origin ("le chandail" or "le tricot"). Someone using the word "le pull" will sound more authentically French than someone saying "le chandail". Fashion is, after all, about keeping up with the times.


Odéon Livre brings French-language literature to an American audience. While many of our featured works have been translated into English, we focus exclusively on texts’ native versions. Plots and characters can indeed be translated, but even the most faithful interpretation will lack the power and beauty of French.


Odéon Livre by Ethan Safron


Special Thanks

The staff and members of the Alliance Française de Chicago for their support and inspiration

JoJo Feinberg for editing the Oui Love Books blurbs


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