Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Learn French Verbs with the Little Prince

Learn to conjugate French verbs with the help of The Little Prince! Inside this volume, you will find unforgettable quotes and illustrations from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s literary masterpiece. Learners are given present-tense conjugation tables of many common French verbs (“avoir”, “être”, “aller”). Each verb is taken from a quote from the original novel. Above each conjugation table is the Little Prince himself, demonstrating the verb in question.

Odéon Livre brings French-language literature to an American audience. While many of our featured works have been translated into English, we focus exclusively on texts’ native versions. Plots and characters can indeed be translated, but even the most faithful interpretation will lack the power and beauty of French.


Odéon Livre by Ethan Safron


Special Thanks

The staff and members of the Alliance Française de Chicago for their support and inspiration

JoJo Feinberg for editing the Oui Love Books blurbs


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