Ethan Safron

TryColor Animals

TryColor makes learning a foreign language a creative endeavor for your little one. Each coloring sheet in this volume features an adorable illustration of an animal and its name in French and English in bubble letters. TryColor Animals encourages young learners to be active with their materials. Want a fish ("le poisson") to be lime green? Or a dolphin ("le dauphin") to have a rainbow trail behind it as it flips above the water? The only limit is your imagination. While TryColor Animals was created for a juvenile audience, adults won't have a problem finding fun on every page.


Odéon Livre brings French-language literature to an American audience. While many of our featured works have been translated into English, we focus exclusively on texts’ native versions. Plots and characters can indeed be translated, but even the most faithful interpretation will lack the power and beauty of French.

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