An Early-Autumn Update

It's mid-September, and that means it's time for the site to get a little fall flavor (but not pumpkin spice, unfortunately). The banner image is Ugine by Shed Simas. You can read more about Ugine, a lovely commune near the Alps, in The ABCs of France: From Alps to Zorn. Full disclosure: I wrote it, so I'm a little biased in recommending it.

That's not the only noteworthy change on the site. You may notice that the main menu's tabs have new names ("Teachers," "Parents," "Students"). Before this change, the collections were named "Classiques," "Bilingue," and "Jeunesse." These are now known as "For Teachers," "For Students," and "For Parents." The names aren't literal--anyone can read a classic novel, a bilingual short story, or a children's book--but they point readers in the right direction.

The new category system was in "beta" for the past few months and has been a great success so far. Whether you're a student, teacher, parent, or just an interested party, I hope that you'll be able to find a new favorite "For You."